About Q Set

MSMQ; a fast and reliable solution for asynchronous, inter-application messaging. 

Q Set; a modern MSMQ explorer and management package which leverages your MSMQ development, administration and testing processes. Manage, interrogate and explore message queues with tools designed by users of MSMQ, for users of MSMQ.

If you are using MSMQ as your Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) technology, then read on to see how Q Set can help you today.


Screen Shots




Explore queues on the network, and messages in your queues, via Q Set’s intuitive and modern interface.  Drag and drop messages between queues as easily as using Windows Explorer.

Examine & Save

View the raw contents of messages, or view XML content in a helpful XML viewer. Q Set even allows you to assign XSLT transformations to queues to view XML messages in clean, easy to read HTML.  Save messages to disk for later access or backup.


Search across your domain or directory for MSMQ message queues with an advanced search facility.


Organize views of you queues across your network. With Q Set you do not need to connect to remote machines to see queues; instead can logically organize queues in a way that suits you;  especially helpful when managing multiple environments.

Send & Forward

Sending a message to a queue is as easy as sending an email. Send files or text, send to multiple machines and send multiple copies. Q Set allows you to configure message options for your needs.  Multiple existing messages can be forwarded to a single queue or distribution list, any number of times.


Delete individual messages from queues, or purge an entire queue.


Q Set conveniently displays performance monitor information allowing you to see the state of your queues.


Microsoft Message Queues, or MSMQ, provide a fast, convenient, and decoupled method of storing and transmitting data between systems. With the take-up of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) technologies such as MSMQ will find their way into more and more enterprise applications.

Q Set can shorten development times by assisting developers during the development, and unit testing phase.  Eliminating the need for creation of test harnesses and applications, more coding time can be applied to the real task at hand.

Q Set can help systems' administrators and support personnel giving them the power to see what message is where and when, greatly assisting them in the process of supporting the day to day running of live systems.

System Requirements

  • .Net framework version 1.1
  • MSMQ installed
  • To browse network/public queues, installation machine must be part of domain/Active Directory

To find out more about .Net visit Microsoft's .Net home page.

The .Net framework can be downloaded from here.

To find out more about MSMQ, visit Microsoft's MSMQ home page.